Missed Me by Trevor Wiltzen

Back in Blue River, Mabel’s story continues. Earnest to a fault, when Mabel hears about another missing girl she resolves to remain uninvolved this time…but that turns out to be impossible. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter that she has kids of her own to worry about, or that the last time she helped with a runaway it placed her in danger. Mabel cares. She cares for the town of Blue River, her customers (talk about true customer service), her kids, her friends, and strangers alike. Mabel notices what people need, really need, and she tries to provide.

Like in the first novel, Heart of a Runaway Girl, Mabel is the star and she’s very human. There is no perfection here. Thank God or it wouldn’t be the story it is. I love her personality even when she frustrates me. For example when she places herself in danger, or when she doesn’t understand how the law works (because her compass is commonsense and true heart).

The adversary in Blue River is as much an organisation, Larson’s men and business, as it is the head of it, Larson himself. Heading a drug ring Larson is so powerful that he’s infiltrated the town to the point that even the sheriff doesn’t have full control. 

In this instalment, eight girls are missing and Mabel believes Larson is the key. It was always going to be a dangerous undertaking to start sniffing around but this time, will the danger extend beyond just Mabel to put others in her personal sphere in danger? Well, you’ll have to read to find out…

 The Mabel Davison series, by Trevor Wiltzen, is set in the eighties. For me, and I’m sure many others will feel the same, there is an element of comfort and nostalgia to it. Plus Mabel has a true heart of gold and that is uplifting, despite the drama. This second book is standalone but I also recommend the first one, Heart of a Runaway Girl.

Title | Missed Me

By | Trevor Wiltzen

Published | Expected October 18th 2021

M. N. Cox

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