Roller Derby Vampire Girl by Josh Blackmon

Fun! Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

Right, now that I’ve got my main feedback down…this is a vampire novel that offers a new slant and isn’t too heavy. Regina heads the local roller derby team at a roller rink that her boyfriend owns. Initially, the drama surrounds the believable, struggling relationship between the two. Then a new derby team arrives on the scene, and it becomes clear the team are made up of vamps. What are Regina and her friends going to do?

I loved the characters, and I felt that Blackmon set the scene really well, bringing back my teen years and skating years (although I was never a derby girl). 

Roller Derby Vampire Girl is good, light reading, and when I say light, that’s not a bad thing. I mean, praise to all the authors offering up stories that amuse me and make me happy. I love the realistic, gritty books too, but I like the light with the dark. 

So Blackmon’s novel was a great read from start to finish – vampires, laughs, roller rinks, relationships and a little nacho cheese. Also, I’m just gonna put it out there: I think Roller Derby Vampire Girl would make a good film…. (I’m leaving that hanging) 

P.S. I’d read a further instalment and – how does this novel still have so few reviews on Goodreads?? 

Title | Roller Derby Vampire Girl

By | Josh Blackmon

Published | 11th November, 2020

M. N. Cox

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